We are very proud to be a licensed grower of Rutgers University's Landmark Series Hazelnuts

'Raritan'  *  'Somerset'  *  'Monmouth'  *  The Beast TM

Introducing the first disease-resistant European hazelnut cultivars for eastern US production!  Selected for high yields and excellent quality kernels suitable for USDA cold hardiness zones 6-7.  An easy to grow, exciting new nut crop for backyard gardeners to commercial orchards.

Abundant yields without the chemical sprays of other tree crops

Prune to single trunk for orchard-style production

Natural multi-stemmed growth makes a great edible privacy hedge

Selected for high yields, thin shells and excellent quality kernels

Photo Credit: Ellepot.com

Ellepots: What are they and why do we use them? 

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You can find more information about the Rutgers varieties of hazelnuts and Dr. Molnar's research here: